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The Healthy Food Culture of Bali

Whether you're looking to go Vegan, Vegetarian, or healthy Carnivore - this island's got you covered.

Few places I've traveled have been able to give me the variety of healthy eating that Bali has. There's an abundance of clean eating around here, and it's no wonder so many visitors to the island find themselves leading healthier lives.

All natural smoothie bowls, fresh veggies, unbelievable fruit, and kitchen talent that rivals the best.

Anyone who's spent some time in and around Bali will tell you that the food is awesome. You won't necessarily find an accurate composition of your favourite cuisine, but what you will find is plenty of TLC going into every dish you try.

Açai Bowls paired with home made granola, banana, strawberry, and shredded coconut

Healthy Food, Creativity, and Art

There's a lot of attention paid to the quality and presentation of each meal, and each place has it's own style. In fact, there're so many options that it's almost overwhelming. Almost. The talented kitchen staff who put these meals together deserve every bit of commendation and praise they receive.

I'm leaving these here for now, but I'll be back soon to share more about what makes these meals so memorable.


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