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Journal Note #278: An Exercise in Gratitude

A 01:30 start time, 3 hour hike, beautiful sunrise, and profound realization.

I’ve let really stupid shit get in the way of my happiness. But standing here, exhausted from the hike, breathing in this air, looking out onto sights I never thought I would - all my missteps felt infinitely insignificant. Up here I was so at peace that I couldn’t help but wonder how epic it would be to have pizza with this view. Instead of continuing to fantasize about my gluttony, I went full introspective/reflecting/monk mode. I’m ahead of where I thought I’d be, but I’m definitely still a work in progress. There’s a lot I need to power through, improve, accept, and move on from. It seems overwhelming at times, but I’m incredibly proud of the life I’m building and the progress I’m making. The picture above, how tough it was to capture, and all the emotion behind it, was a really powerful reminder for me to keep doing three very important things:

1. Bring as many people as I can with me, laugh with them, learn from them, and playfully (but savagely) talk shit to them. 2. Vigorously pursue the life I want with zero fucks to give about anything and anyone I’ve let hold me back. 3. Keep climbing.

Sunrise at Mount Ijen

Throughout these past few years travelling, I’ve met amazing people, experienced unreal places, and learned extremely difficult, albeit necessary lessons. The consistent theme has unquestionably been one thing - Growth.

To those of you who’ve continued to encourage me:

I am eternally grateful for your support, I cherish your guidance, and I hope to one day be as positively influential to someone else’s life, as you’ve been to mine. To those of you who are currently challenging your own demons:

Ruthlessly and viciously kick the shit out of them; redefine your worth; recognize your strength; celebrate your successes; be grateful for your failures; then make a new list of challenges you want to overcome and let’s story swap. To everyone else:

Wish you were here, so quit stalling, book your flight, and bring pizza.


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