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What All Theme Parks Wish They Could Be

Ecuador was a really cool surprise for me. I didn't know anything about the country, its people, or its energy, but holy shit was it ever a wild ride.

The Tungurahua province of Ecuador, or "Throat of Fire", gets its name from the nearby active volcano. Normally, when I think volcano I imagine ash, smog, and carbon dioxide. This place was very different

On the way to Baños, this unexpected stop became a highlight of my time in Ecuador. The volcano that's close by is just one of many post card worthy spots that are amazing reminders of Earth's beauty.

Play Time

The first day in Baños was one hell of an introduction to what would become one of the best outdoor excursions I've ever had. Day 1 went by in a flash. Speeding through the busy roads on an ATV, flying through the bright sky on a zip line, hiking through the national park, and then power napping in the hot springs. It's easy to see why so many people visit from near and far to enjoy this beautiful playground.

More to follow!


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