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Batman Training & the Mythical Statues of the Water Palace

Situated in East Bali and surrounded by rice paddies, the former royal palace Taman Tirtagangga is stunning. Complete with an eleven tiered fountain, multiple gardens, and beautifully carved stone sculptures of mythical creatures.

Tirtagangga has a special place in my heart. I had no idea the place existed, and wasn't prepared even in the slightest for how much it was going to mean to me

It was the energy. I felt at peace, in complete awe, and more calm than I'd felt in years. The excitement of hearing the water, feeling the sun, seeing the sculptures, and realizing that I was only at the entrance.

Lush gardens and thought invoking sculptures wrapped in the sounds of water

Consider this the tease - I'm excited to share some thoughts from my visits to Tirtagangga, come back soon


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